Can not be said to truly know pasta if you limit your dining experience to the “usual pasta” made more to intrigue from aesthetic side, rather than for its real nutritional value.

Precisely in opposition to this, we offer a unique product of its kind, proposing us as a daily goal to sensitize more and more people to “eat well, to live better.”
But to learn more about pasta you need to speak of wheat!

In the grain of wheat, there is a world! Hides a heart full of nutrients as a minerals, vegetable proteins and vitamins, this is called “WHEAT GERM” and is the core of the plant, from which it takes the nutrients needed to grow up and go from the embryonic stage to the mature, finally producing the fruits.

Unfortunately, however, the good grain and good flours, those which, in addition to satiate, they feed those who consume them, generate, on completion of work, types of pasta less polished, of a darker color (compared to those of large industrial production ), probably less appealing aesthetically.

This is our pasta, which can be considered one of the few genuine still outstanding: kneaded and pressed with machinery completely covered in BRONZE.

The consistency of the product, its smell and its fragrance will able you to understand the deep quality of our PASTA that surely will give a new taste to your meals.